Writers, artists and academics speak out against discrimination at the India Art Fair (IAF)

Image courtesy: Niha Masin | Twitter

We, the undersigned, express solidarity with the young artists who were subjected to intimidation and discrimination at and by the India Art Fair (IAF) on the 2nd of February 2020. We strongly condemn the absolutely unethical and prejudiced attitude displayed by the Fair management towards these artists.

On the 2nd of February, a group of artists were participating in an invited live-art performance at the India Art Fair on the theme of strength of women and communal harmony, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources. A musician was also performing in the same booth.

The police disrupted the programme on account of an anonymous complaint, intimidated the participating artists, and proceeded to shut down the performance entirely. The officials at IAF did not intervene on behalf of the artists at this or any other point during the time that the police were present and interrogating them. In fact, officials from IAF were aggressive with the artists, refused to listen, shouted at them, and even tried to have the artwork removed from the wall. The festival director is reported to have come to the booth and failed to extend support to the artists, as well. Eventually, the artwork was thrown on the floor by Delhi Police, and the booth was sealed by IAF. Thereafter, the artists went outside where the police proceeded to question them on the use of Urdu poetry and calligraphy in the work. But after the poetry (excerpted from a well-known ghazal by Iqbal) was translated for them, the police decided there was nothing there which could be called an offence and said that there would be no further action taken. However, they did ask for and note down the name of the ‘artist in the hijab’. They revealed that the anonymous “complaint” they received informed them of ‘an artwork at IAF being made  by someone wearing clothes resembling the women sitting in Shaheen Bagh’. This line of inquiry openly targeted and discriminated against the female Muslim artists wearing hijab who participated in the programme. When the artists returned to the booth after the police left, the artwork was nowhere to be found and has since been untraceable.

Throughout this time, the officials at the fair, instead of stepping in and listening to the artists and examining the situation fully, abdicated their responsibilities and left the artists and the curator to reason and negotiate with the police. The key question remains why IAF not only failed to stand by the artists but were also active participants in the harassment meted out to them. They have further later claimed to the police and public that they had no knowledge that the event was happening, which has since been proved to be false as the artists leading the programme have publicly shared the invitation in which the event is listed. This invitation had been widely circulated at and prior to the fair. Other artists at the fair have even attested to this.

The abdication of responsibility by IAF and their absolutely unjustifiable treatment of the young artists is not acceptable. In fact, given the details of this case, IAF’s behaviour is itself absolutely discriminatory. This episode reveals a shocking lack of knowledge  as well as regard for the culture of the very country that the fair claims to represent. Moreover, it is not acceptable to allow artists’ expression to be curtailed on account of an anonymous complaint, especially when that complaint reeks of nothing but deep seated and reprehensible Islamophobia. The fact that the art fair has tried to insulate itself from the ongoing movement against CAA, NRC, and NPR by creating a “zero-tolerance” policy against banners and sloganeering is a troubling violation of the right to dissent. That this policy was framed in terms of “safety” is ignorant and misleading given that those participating in this non-violent movement have actually been at the receiving end of brutal violence in the form of lathi-charge, beating and, even, bullets at hands of security forces and law-enforcement agencies. That the same agencies were allowed to target and intimidate young artists on the basis of an Islamophobic complaint is an unacceptable lack of sensitivity towards the vulnerability of marginalized peoples in this current political milieu. Ideologies of bigotry cannot be allowed to determine who can create art, where they can create it, what its content can be or what artists can wear while making it, even if that bigotry is being endorsed by a law enforcement agency.

Indian artists deserve and demand more support from platforms that sell their work and claim to represent the artistic community of the country. Are the politics of art works only to be profited from (there were some explicitly political artworks at other booths which were artistic comments on the abuse of the constitution in several ways) but not defended when the vulnerabilities and dangers that accompany having those politics play out at our fairs and galleries? The question also must be asked about the role hierarchy plays in deciding whether artists get the support they need from  art institutions. All of these artists are very young and only starting out their careers with an admirable commitment to make their art a site of engagement with the society they live in.

We stand by their conviction to make their art practice speak of solidarities, express dissent and celebrate diversity. We demand that the India Art Fair apologise to them.

  1. Preksha  tater, Artist, SURAT
  2. Annapurna Garimella, Jackfruit Research & Design, New Delhi
  3. Kathyayini Dash, University of Cape Town, PhD Performance, Cape Town
  4. Akhilesh Arya, Independent, Gurgaon
  5. Amar Kanwar, Artist, New Delhi
  6. Gauri Gill, Artist, New Delhi
  7. Shivangi Singh, Artist, New Delhi
  8. Latika Gupta, Delhi
  9. Sheila Makhijani, Artist, New Delhi
  10. Rakhi Peswani, Bangalore
  11. Anupama Srinivasan, Filmmaker,
  12. Paribartana Mohanty, Artist, New Delhi
  13. Ankita Srivastava, M.Phil Visual Studies,  SAA, JNU, New Delhi
  14. Shefalee Jain, Artist, New Delhi
  15. Shivani Kasumra, MPhil Student, School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  16. Kshiraja, Art + design,
  17. Rohini Devasher, Delhi
  18. Anna Dasgupta, Gurgaon
  19. Vaskar Mech, JNU, Delhi
  20. Anupam, Visual Artist, New Delhi
  21. Gitika debnath, SFI, JNU Unit, Delhi
  22. Anupam Saikia, Visual Artist, New Delhi
  23. Aishwarya Walvekar, Theatre and Performance Studies Research Fellow, , Delhi
  24. Shrishti, Agency, Bangalore
  25. Lalita, IIT Delhi, Delhi
  26. Arundhati Chauhan, New Delhi
  27. Anurupa, Artist, Delhi
  28. Souradeep Rpy, Theatre/ Literary translator, Kolkata
  29. Santhosh S., AUD, New Delhi
  30. Rajdeep Konar, IIT Delhi, New Delhi
  31. Gayatri Sharma, New Delhi
  32. Narendran Nair, Student, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, VADODARA
  33. Indira Chowdhury, Public History, Bengaluru
  34. Priyanka D’Souza, Artist, MUMBAI
  35. Vasvi Oza, Artist, Art Educator, Bangalore
  36. Suresh kumar G, Artist, Bengaluru
  37. Shriya Kalra, Art student, Baroda
  38. Divvya Mishra, MPhil Scholar, Visual Studies, SAA, Delhi
  39. Jay Patel, Student ( BA hons. Philosophy), MSU Baroda,, Baroda
  40. Parth Trivedi, NAPM, Gujarat, Baroda
  41. Rohan, Student, Delhi
  42. Nishant, Actor, Delhi
  43. Agastaya, Research, Delhi
  44. Ameet Parmeswaran, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  45. Palak, ,
  46. jagdish chand, freelance writer – designer- translator, delhi
  47. Kavita Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  48. saba hasan, artist, new delhi
  49. Sania, IIT Delhi, New Delhi
  50. Aastha Banerjee, Student at JNU, New Delhi
  51. Sanchayan Ghosh, Visual art and Academic Visva Bharati, Santiniketan
  52. Balbir Krishan, Artist, New York
  53. Tehsin, Journalism and Communication, Vadodara
  54. Karan Kapoor, , New Delhi
  55. Bula Bhattacharya, Visual Artist, NOIDA
  56. Lokesh, Artist, Delhi
  57. Deepti Mulgund, Kunsthistoriches Institut in Florenz, Berlin
  58. Chinmaya Solanki, Student, Vadodara
  59. Vivek Gupta, SOAS University of London, History of Art, London
  60. Vaishnavi Ghatge, Literature, Delhi
  61. Anita E Cherian, Ambedkar University Delhi, Delhi
  62. Mrinalini Sil, School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU, Delhi
  63. AVIK DEBDAS, Art Student, Delhi
  64. Rukmini, Student, Bangalore
  65. Belinder Dhanoa, Ambedkar University Delhi / writer, Delhi
  66. Vasudha Thozhur, Artist, Greater Noida
  67. Rini Dasgupta, , Delhi
  68. Bazik Thlana, Artist, New Delhi
  69. Ankur Arora, Ma Visual arts, New Delhi
  70. Ghazala parveen, Artist, Delhi
  71. farheen bano, artist, delhi
  72. Sahej Rahal, Artist, Mumbai
  73. Stuti, Student, New Delhi
  74. Ranjan Azad, New delhi
  75. Suraj Thakur, Patna
  76. Parvej Ahmad, Bareily
  77. Yousuf Saeed, Tasveer Ghar, New Delhi
  78. Sharmila Samant, Artist, Greater Noida
  79. Asma, Artist, New Delhi
  80. nikhileswar baruah, artist, vadodara/guwahati
  81. Anirban, Research Scholar, New Delhi
  82. Shivangi kalra, College of Art, Delhi
  83. Arjun m, Visual art, Delhi
  84. Bolan Gangopadhyay, Freelance journalist & Human rights activist, Kolkata
  85. Saruha, Student, Delhi
  86. Mahima Ahluwalia, Art Student, Delhi
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  88. Sumitra, Independent Curtaor, Bangalore
  89. Sana, Teacher, India
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