Society for Knowledge Commons The Society for Knowledge Commons is an attempt by scientists and technologists, researchers, and activists to leverage the tremendous potential of the Collaborative Innovation model that has lead to the growth of the Free and Open Source Software community (FOSS) around the world.

Internet Governance

Internet governance refers to the processes that impact how the Internet is managed and run. KC participates in both domestic and International policy debates and processes involving Internet Governance, including WSIS processes, the IGF (domestic and International), ITU processes, etc.


The revelations from Snowden documents on the mass surveillance carried out by Governments across the world have shown the Internet and its associated infrastructure can be used towards nefarious ends. KC is an active participant in campaigning domestically and internationally against mass surveillance and reform of privacy legislation.

IT Act

The Indian Information Technology Act is a vital, yet poorly drafted legislation. Given the increasing use of the Internet in India, more and more problems with the implementation of thiss enactment are being observed – for instance under the (now unconstitutional) Section 66A. We are involved in numerous campaigns and efforts to make positive changes to the telecom and IT ecosystem in India.


We believe that the FOSS model, based on collaboration, community and the shared ownership of knowledge can be used to address challenges faced by India in areas like education, the sciences and hte arts, e-governance and other areas that impact our digital knowledge society.