Villagers will bring stray cattle to Yogi Adityanath’s residence on 26 January

Yogi Adityanath is very fond of cows. He gets his adverstisement published feeding jiggery to cows. On the other hand villagers in Uttar Pradesh are fed up of stary cattle. These animals graze crops standing in fields. The cow sheds which have been started by the government are non-functional. There is no arrangement to feed them. As a result they again start roaming around freely. The government does not even have funds to transport the cows from villages to cow sheds. If people want to volunteer to undertake this task, the Bhartiya Janata Party workers come in the way. Cow protector in a BJP government is one who doesn’t look after the cows but indulges in hooliganism in the name of cow vigilantism.

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Aditya Nath feeding cows at the gaushala of Gorakhpur temple. | HT File Photo

On 27 December, 2021 when villagers from Lalamau Mawai of Hardoi district, who had walked all the way to a cow shed 15 km away from the their village escorting 28 cows on the direction of veterinary officer and after informing the police, were returing with the cows after the villagers of Pawayan Bhagwantapur refused to keep the cows in a cow shed located in their village, a BJP office bearer Gyanendra Singh from Lohangapur village assaulted the villagers. He and his goons continued beating the villagers of Lalmau Mawai even after he was made to talk to the police and police informed him that they were aware of the movement of cattle. The Hardoi police has refused to register a case against Gyanendra Singh, primarily because of his association with the ruling party. Among the people who got beaten, include five Dalits.

Hence, Socialist Kisan Sabha has decided that on 26 January, 2021, when the farmers will be entering Delhi on their tractors, in support of the national famers’ movement, the farmers of UP who are fed up of stray cattle will begin their march from Fatehpur Chaurasi Block of Unnao district on 25 January, 2021 and reach Yogi Adityanath’s residence on 26 January to tie these cattle at his home so that he can take care of them.

Anil Kumar Mishra, President, Socialist Kisan Sabha, UP, (Unnao)

Munnalal Shukla, Spokesperson, Socialist Party (India), UP, (Hardoi)

Sandeep Pandey, National Vice President, Socialist Party (India), (Lucknow)