Solidarity Statement from JNU Alumni

On Sunday, a mob of about 50 masked people raided the Jawaharlal Nehru university, attacking students and teachers with iron rods, sticks, sledgehammer and vandalising property. The JNU alumni held a march on 07 January, condemning the attack on the university.

This “Alumni March” is in Solidarity with the Students Teachers and Karmacharis of JNU, who have been targets of unprecedented attacks on all their democratic rights from the time that the present VC was foisted upon JNU four years ago.

These four years have seen systematic attacks on the culture of academic freedom and the traditions of debate and dissent and inclusion that were the bed-rock of the academic brilliance that JNU is recognised for. It is these values that have seen serious erosion during the tenure of the present VC and his administration.

We condemn in the most unequivocal terms, the use of armed goons brought in from outside to attack students and faculty and to terrorise the entire JNU community on 5 January 2020.

We demand the restoration of the old admission policy and the withdrawal of the fee hikes.

We demand the restoration of all democratic rights and democratic institutions in the University.

We demand that the MHRD institute a Judicial Enquiry to fix responsibility and punish those responsible for the dastardly attack on students and teachers of the University in the campus.

We demand the immediate removal of the present VC as the first step to restore normalcy in the campus.