Delhi Union of Journalists Observes Vigilance Day Today

Delhi Union of Journalists is observing Vigilance Day today to remind everyone of the repeated attempts to silence the media. Attacks on truth have become more frequent now, and the Union is urging people to beware of the discourse intent on dividing the populace on communal lines.

DUJ’s Vigilance Day Today

On the 25th anniversary of the demolition of the Babri Masjid, the Delhi Union of Journalists called for Vigilance against fresh attempts to stir up the mandir-masjid dispute. It is unfortunate that the ongoing case in the Supreme Court is being used by rabid communal forces to polarize the country for narrow electoral gains. On this day 25 years ago, the media came under attack at Ayodhya. Several reporters were beaten up and their equipment broken, to prevent them from recording the event and telling the nation the truth about what took place on that dark day.

The DUJ had protested against this attack. Every year we mark the day as Vigilance Day, a day to beware of increasing attacks on the media and new attempts to divide the people on communal lines.  We pledge to oppose communal forces, no matter which faith they belong to and what they propagate. We call for a democratic environment in which we are free to write and report without fear.  We regret that an atmosphere of hate, violence and fear is being deliberately created which threatens the freedoms of both the media and the people. We urge our members to combat this fearlessly by doing their professional work with honesty and objectivity.

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S.K.Pande                                                                   Sujata Madhok

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