Artists in Support of Kabir Kala Manch

Art work: Sanika Dhakephalkar; Image courtesy: Ambedkar Periyar Phule Study Circle (IIT Bombay)

We, the undersigned artists and concerned citizens, condemn the use of exceptional laws like the UAPA, which denies bail and delays trial, effectively silencing voices of dissent, and those fighting for justice.

On 5th September 2020 Ramesh Gaichor and Sagar Gorkhe of the Kabir Kala Manch (KKM), a Maharashtra based radical Dalit cultural troupe, recorded and circulated an oral statement. They said they had been repeatedly interrogated by the NIA in connection with the Bhima Koregaon case. In this instance, the NIA demanded that the KKM accept that it had connections with Maoists in exchange for their freedom. Gaichor and Gorkhe refused to make a false confession. In their video statement they declared they were the inheritors of Babasaheb Ambedkar and not of Savarkar, that they believed in Constitutional values, and therefore would not submit to the pressure to sign something that was untrue. Soon after they released their video statement, Ramesh Gaichor, Sagar Gorkhe and a third KKM cultural activist, Jyoti Jagtap, were arrested, bringing the total number of present arrests in the Bhima Koregaon case to 15.

The Kabir Kala Manch has been consistently fighting caste oppression and Hindutva fascism through their unique musical performances. The state is attempting to silence the radical Bahujan cultural expressions like that of the KKM. This is an attempt to stop those trying to envision a just future for India. We condemn the attempt to stifle the voices of cultural dissent, and stand in solidarity with the arrested KKM activists, and all others who have been incarcerated in the Bhima Koregaon case.

Signatories for KKM statement

  1. Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Filmmaker
  2. Maya Rao, Theatre artiste
  3. Geeta Kapur, Independent Art Writer
  4. Vivan Sundaram, Artist
  5. Nilima Sheikh, Artist
  6. K. Satchidanandan, Poet
  7. Githa Hariharan, Writer
  8. Atul Dodiya, Artist 
  9. Inder Salim, Conceptual and Performance artist
  10. Mangai. A, Theatre Director and Writer
  11. T.V. Santhosh, artist
  12. Pallavi MD, Singer, Actor, Filmmaker
  13. Pallavi Paul, Filmmaker
  14. Sheela Gowda, Artist
  15. N. Pushpamala, Artist
  16. Indu Antony, Artist
  17. Amshu Chukki, Artist
  18. Yugashri S. A., Artist
  19. B. Suresha, Filmmaker
  20. Mamta Sagar, Poet
  21. Archana Hande, Artist
  22. Bindhumalini Narayanaswamy, Singer and Composer
  23. Nisha Susan, Writer
  24. Ramu Ramanathan, Playwright, journalist
  25. Sushma Deshpande, Theatre artiste
  26. Jayant Pawar, Playwright, author, journalist
  27. Ashish Dha, Composer-Musician, Music Teacher and Researcher 
  28. Dileep Raj, concerned citizen
  29. Mangalesh Dabral, Poet
  30. Gauhar Raza, Poet, Documentary Filmmaker, Scientist
  31. Civic Chandran, Poet, playwright
  32. B. Ekbal, Concerned citizen
  33. J. Devika, Concerned citizen
  34. E.V. Ramakrishnan, Writer
  35. K.P. Ramanunni, Writer
  36. Anitha Thampi, Poet
  37. Anvar Ali, Poet, lyricist, documentary filmmaker
  38. Gopi Krishnan, Concerned citizen
  39. Ein Lall, Filmmaker
  40. Kiranmayi I., Filmmaker
  41. S. Joseph, Poet
  42. Savitri Rajeevan, Poet
  43. B. Rajeevan, Cultural critic and theorist
  44. Ashis Sengupta, Concerned citizen
  45. Vinutha Mallya, Editor and journalist
  46. Sudhanva Deshpande, Theatre artiste and publisher
  47. Monisha Behal, North East Network, concerned citizen
  48. Tejaswini Niranjana, Writer and translator
  49. Nasir Tyabji, Concerned citizen
  50. Ania Loomba, Drama theorist
  51. Debjani Bhattacharya, Concerned citizen
  52. Uma Maheshwari Bhrugubanda, Film theorist
  53. Bishnupriya Dutt, Academic and theatre professional
  54. Rajan Kurai Krishnan, Film scholar
  55. Rashmi Sawhney, Film scholar
  56. Abhijit Roy, Film scholar
  57. Ranjana Dave, Artist
  58. Nachi, Filmmaker 
  59. Potato Eaters Collective, Filmmakers
  60. Mukul Haloi, Filmmaker 
  61. Ashish Rajadhyaksha, Film scholar
  62. Arun Khopkar, Filmmaker and writer
  63. Ameet Parameswaran, Performance studies scholar
  64. C.R.Parameswaran, Novelist and essayist
  65. Riyas Komu, Artist
  66. G. Arunima, concerned citizen
  67. V. Geetha, Writer and translator
  68. Brahma Prakash, Performance studies scholar
  69. Babu Eshwar Prasad, Visual Artist and Filmmaker
  70. Gauri Nagpal, Concerned citizen
  71. Iyesha Geeth Abbas, Film researcher
  72. Prateek Vats, Filmmaker
  73. Joy Sengupta, Theatre artiste
  74. Annie Zaidi, Writer
  75. Shaili Sathyu, Theatre artiste
  76. K.G. Sankara Pillai, Poet
  77. Ananya Parekh, Arts Researcher
  78. Badri Raina, Concerned citizen
  79. Zoya Hasan, Concerned citizen
  80. Anamika Haksar, Stage and Film Director
  81. Mallika Taneja, Theatre artiste
  82. Moinak Biswas, Film scholar
  83. M.A. Baby, Concerned citizen
  84. Rongili Biswas, Singer and Writer
  85. Shuddhabrata Sengupta, Artist and Writer
  86. Tanvi Mishra, Concerned citizen
  87. Samik Bandyopadhyay, Art critic and film scholar
  88. Sushmita, Theatre artiste
  89. Abhaydev Praful, Musician
  90. Akila R S, concerned citizen
  91. Amalaa Mohan, Dancer
  92. Amarnath Praful, Artist
  93. Amba Salelkar, Advocate
  94. Anish, Theatre Artiste
  95. Anna Mathew, Concerned citizen and advocate
  96. Annapoorani, Theatre artiste
  97. Anoushka Kurien, Dancer
  98. Arasu V, Concerned citizen
  99. Aruna, Theatre Artiste
  100. Arun Arivikalanchiyam, Concerned Citizen
  101. Asha, Artist
  102. Ashwini Kasi, Theatre artiste
  103. Bhuvaneshwari, Theatre artiste
  104. Devika S, Theatre artiste & Lawyer
  105. Deepan, Theatre artiste
  106. Ezhil, Theatre artiste
  107. Hans Kaushik, Theatre artiste
  108. Jai Ganesh, Theatre artiste
  109. Jawad A. J, Concerned citizen and Advocate
  110. Jimraj Milton, Concerned citizen and Advocate
  111. Logesh Nagaraj, Theatre artiste
  112. Kannappa Kasi, Therukoothu and Theatre artiste
  113. Kanchana Priya, Trans Artist
  114. Kanimozhi, Theatre artiste
  115. Karthikeyan, Concerned citizen
  116. Karuna Prasad, Theatre artiste & Publisher 
  117. Kavinmalar, Theatre artiste and Journalist
  118. Living Smile Vidya, Performance artiste
  119. Madhan, Theatre artiste and Musician
  120. Madhushree Basu, Artist
  121. Malini Jeevarathnam, Filmmaker
  122. Mohan T, Concerned citizen and Advocate
  123. Mridula, Theatre artiste
  124. Muthamizh, Theatre artiste
  125. Parthasarathy, Concerned citizen and Advocate
  126. Prabhu Nagesh, IT Professional and Concerned Citizen
  127. Pralayan, Theatre artiste
  128. Pravin K. P, Theatre and Visual Artist
  129. Preethi Athreya, Contemporary Dancer
  130. Rafiq, Filmmaker
  131. Renuga Kasi, Theatre artiste
  132. Revathi A, Trans author, activist and artist
  133. Rohini, Film and Theatre artiste
  134. Sabitha, Concerned citizen, LGBTQ activist
  135. Sandhiya, Concerned citizen
  136. Sankari, LGBTQ Activist and Theatre artiste
  137. Sampath Kumar, Martial Artist
  138. Shani, Visual Artist
  139. Shankar Pugazh, Theatre and Film artiste
  140. Sharan Karthik Raj, Concerned citizen and LGBTQ Activist
  141. Shweta Narayan, Visual Artist
  142. Sivasankaran, Theatre artiste 
  143. Sowmya, Trans Theatre artiste
  144. Soundharya, Trans dancer 
  145. Srijith, Theatre Artist and Trainer
  146. Sudha Ramalingam, Concerned citizen
  147. Suresh Shakti Murugan, Concerned citizen 
  148. Tanvi N.S., Concerned citizen
  149. Thamizharasan Sekar, Theatre artiste
  150. Thayamma Ramya, Trans Theatre artiste
  151. Uma, Visual artist
  152. Vaigai R, Concerned citizen
  153. Vasudevan S S, Concerned citizen
  154. Vijayaraghavan, Concerned citizen and Doctor
  155. Vijay Antony, Theatre artiste
  156. Vijay Narayanasamy, Theatre artiste
  157. Vijay Ravikumar, Theatre artiste
  158. Nagasaila, Concerned citizen
  159. Gargi Bharadwaj, Theatre director, academic
  160. Deepan Sivaraman, Theatre director, scenographer
  161. Abheesh Sasidharan, Performance practitioner
  162. P.N. Gopikrishnan, Poet and writer
  163. Aashiq Abu, Filmmaker
  164. Shyam Pushkaran, Scriptwriter
  165. Archana Padmini, Artist
  166. K.R. Manoj, Filmmaker
  167. Prof. M.V. Narayanan, Concerned citizen
  168. Sunil P Ilayidom, Concerned citizen 
  169. Akkitham Vasudevan, Artist
  170. Shaina Anand, Artist and Filmmaker
  171. Samina Mishra, Filmmaker and writer
  172. Praveen Pilassery, Arts researcher
  173. Shivaji Panikkar, Arts scholar
  174. B Ajith Kumar, Film editor
  175. Suresh Rajan, Cinematographer
  176. Sreejith Divakaran, Scriptwriter