AIDWA opposes the unconstitutional abrogation of Article 370 by Presidential Proclamation

Image courtesy Live Law

The All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) strongly condemns the Union Government’s sudden move to abrogate Article 370 through a Presidential Proclamation and also bifurcated the state in order to divide and rule over the people of Kashmir and implement their nefarious designs.

The Indian State had made a commitment to the people of Kashmir to provide them with special status and autonomy which was embodied in Article 370. This was because the people of Kashmir had fought to remain in a secular India rather than join communal Pakistan. The communal Modi government has betrayed the people of Jammu & Kashmir by going back on this commitment. This is the biggest attack on national unity and the federal concept of India.

However, as is evident, the forces of Hindutva do not care about any provisions of the Constitution and are hell bent on pursuing this divisive agenda without bothering about the future of the country. It is obvious that any furtherance of this agenda in Jammu & Kashmir will not only impact all families, but also lead to increased burden and atrocities on women.

The AIDWA also sees this act as a conspiracy of the BJP government to forcibly push its majoritarian agenda and divert attention from its continued economic failures. The AIDWA also condemns the murder of democracy in Kashmir as seen in the house arrest of all major opposition leaders, the cutting off of communications and internet and the continued refusal to hold state assembly elections. It demands the immediate release of all opposition leaders.

AIDWA, along with all democratic forces calls upon citizens of the country to mobilise and pressurise the Union Government to reverse its decision. It appeals for utmost unity amongst all sections of society to defeat the divisive agenda of the BJP-RSS who pursue fascistic policies. The AIDWA calls upon all its units to support the call given by the Left Parties on August 7, 2019 to oppose the abrogation of Article 370.

Malini Bhattacharya, President
Mariam Dhawale, General Secretary