NetMundial 2014

Following revelations about mass surveillance,  President Dilma Rouseff of Brazil expressed the outrage shared by many governments in September 2013 at the United Nations. President Rouseff highlighted how present structures of governance were inadequate to deal with evolving problems of the Internet ecosystem and  offered an opportunity for governments, civil society and corporations to come together to discuss solutions.

The government of Brazil will host the Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance (NetMundial) on 23-24 April, 2014, in Sao Paolo, Brazil, welcoming representatives of governments, corporations and civil society to the table.  This meeting could cement Internet structures in place or it could start the process of establishing a more balanced model for how the benefits of the internet are shared and governed.

Keeping in mind the various problems with present structures of governance, we believe it is essential to forge a viable roadmap towards democratising Internet infrastructure and governance  in order to:

  • Ensure adequate protection and enforcement of human rights and civil liberties in the online sphere – including the prevention of mass / indiscriminate surveillance;
  • Ensure adequate protection of nation states from cyber warfare and sabotage, economic espionage, unilateral disconnection etc.
  • Ensure public interest principles are applied to create a fair and equitable online market place including by appropriately redistributing taxes and preventing e-commerce monopolies;
  • Ensure an internationalization and democratization of internet governance systems and infrastructure;
  • Distribute the benefits of the internet to share diverse knowledge and culture

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